A Zraq

Zarqa is a Jordanian city and the capital of the Zarqa Governorate, which is nearly 20 km northeast of the capital city of Amman. Zarqa is the third largest city in terms of population, with a population of about 572,290 in 2013, and is considered the industrial capital of Jordan. There are many locations not to be missed in Zarqa including a wildlife reserve, a wetland reserve and several castles.

badia lava tube


Caving in the East is a truly unique experience as the caves here are mostly volcanic lava tube tunnels with residual salts forming star shaped images underground. One of the most breathtaking caves in the area is the Badia Lava Tube Cave where your only way in is by rappelling down to discover its multiple layers and underground galleries.

wadi ad-dahek


Wadi Ad-Dahek is a mesmerizing valley in a white-sand desert. Surrounded by salt cliffs of over 30m high the valley near the Saudi Border is a perfect place to enjoy nature’s silence, wild beauty and serenity. You can go on a safari around the desert, or camp the night for a unique view of the stars.

cycling through the petrol road


Petrol Road was originally built in the early 1900’s to protect and maintain the oil pipe line between Tikrit and Haifa for the British Empire. The road crosses the Eastern Volcanic Desert and showcases breathtaking views and different local communities across its path. The road passes through Al-Azraq Oasis, through Umm Ar-Rasas and ends in the Jordan Valley  passing through farmland and reservoirs